Thursday, August 29, 2013

Doll Skirt

From This

To This

I bought this fabric on the internet and I thought the scale was tiny. Well it's huge! What to do? A skirt of course. I used the free American Girl pattern for Josefina's Birthday Skirt found here

It is a quick and easy pattern and fits perfectly. I think it is ridiculously cute paired with a polka dot peasant blouse.

Best wishes, Meg Jewell

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sewing Begins Here

I learn about American Girl Dolls

First Sewing Project

It all began with this girl's skating dress that I made for an 8 year old this winter. She also wanted a matching outfit for her American Girl doll. And that is when I learned about the fascinating world of American Girl dolls.

I could not find a girl's pattern I liked so I combined a dress bodice with a very short full circle skirt. The bodice is fully lined. The sleeves have coordinating semi-transparent fabric and you can see the cap sleeves peeking through. The satin skirt is sewed to the bodice, making it a one piece outfit. The skirt has an overlay of sparkling blue sheer fabric, and underneath -although you can't see it- there is a full slip with 2 gathered layers of tulle to make it twirl!

Then I purchased a doll skating pattern at Joann Fabric's, borrowed a doll and set to work. I was hooked! Fun, fun and more fun. It turned out super cute.

My husband noticed how much I enjoyed the project. One day USPS came to the door with a package. Yippie! He actually bought me my very own doll, Kit!  I love you Dick Jewell! Maybe the happiest present ever! And I have been sewing doll clothes ever since.

Back of girl's skating dress, with zipper and sash

First Day of School in Tewksbury, Massachusetts!

Kit has a stunning new blue suit

Monday, August 26, 2013

Sewing Vintage

Here is Kit trying on a muslin mock-up of a vintage 1950 pattern for a coat and hat I am planning to make out of linen. It looks pretty cute so far.

Pretty in Purple

American Girl Party Dress

I Heart American Girl Doll Clothes

When Papa Takes Pics . . .

A Girl Gets a New Hat

New Hat, No Clothes!

New Glasses?

Yup, Made by Papa

Uh-Oh, No Head!

A New Dress

Ready for a Rodeo

Perfect outfit for Saige

For Little Feet

So soft and furry on the inside, ultra suede on the outside, they fit like a glove! The moccasins slip on easily and the boots fasten in back with a strip of Velcro. 

Southwestern Style American Girl

All American Girl!

Kit - My American Girl Doll

Summer Sewing

American Girl Doll Slippers

Perfect Pile of Pink!

With Hearts!

With Roses!

With Daisies!

And Best of All -
The Perfect Fit!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Cowgirl Gear

Sewing Doll Clothes for American Girl

Welcome my old friends from my retired Dolly Dilettante blog, and hello to my new friends who have come here to see the American Girl doll clothes I am creating!

This is my first post and I am a bit rusty on blogging, but with luck and a bit of practice I'll try to bring you into my world of sewing for American Girl dolls.. 

I am a little older and the font is a little bigger so I can read what I write, but I am hoping this will be a super blog.  This will stay simple for now as I'm on a blog learning curve. Although I may not be a great blogger yet, I'm a dedicated gal who loves to sew and create. 

I encourage you all to leave me comments and suggestions about how I can improve the blog.

Do Stay Tuned!