Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Halloweenish AG Sewing Fun

Halloween costume

Preview of a Halloween Costume

Today I sewed this Halloween set, but maybe I'm not done yet. Something tells me to keep adding-on and that's why my mini projects turn into massive projects; I make work for myself!  I'm thinking about a black velvet cape. How about a mask? Um mm . . . a bubble mini skirt? etc., etc...

A View from the Sewing Machine

These are the leggings - to show you how I sew knit seams without a serger. First I sew my quarter inch seam. 

Then I sew another seam very close to the raw edge.

Last, I zig-zag the edge. It's strong and neat.

Here I am basting the elastic to the leotard leg. That's right, I baste my elastic. I just use a few galloping stitches and it seems to compensate for my tendency to stretch the elastic too tightly. Hey, it works for me! 


  1. Wow! You have great skills! This is very cute. I do like the idea of adding a bubble skirt and cape. :)

    1. Hi Melody, thank you. Guess what I made today? A mask! and a cape! Do you sew too?

  2. My daughter and I love this! She especially loves the added hair piece! Thanks for showing how you sew down your seams w/o a serger. I was trying to do something like that on my princess dress last night (I've never made a dress before!) and I did not know if I was doing it right. Love ALL your doll outfits!

  3. I'm glad I could help Gina. Thanks for the compliment too, it means a lot, like there really is life outside my little sewing nook.


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