Thursday, October 3, 2013

Invite to "SEW ALONG WITH ME" from Karen Mom of Three

American Girl Doll Witch Cape Sew Along

Hi All!

Today I made a cape - well, I made two capes - to share on Karen Mom of Three's blog. You can read more about her sew-along here Karen Mom of Three's Craft Blog: SEW ALONG WITH ME Month 10 OCTOBER-Witches Cape.

I wanted to add some finishing touches to the two Halloween costumes I posted about yesterday, when I found Karen's blog and bingo - there was an easy and cute pattern to sew. Here you go . . . two new capes and (my idea) two new masks! I think I'm done; but to my faithful reader Melody who reminded me to make them a little skirt, I'm all sewed out on these outfits. Yup, I sure get myself side-tracked, but that's fun. I'm getting ready for a craft fair and time is tight. Next time, Melody, I promise.

My adorable little burglar Harper with her loot

Kit's got a stash of candy too

"Do you think I look like Bat Girl?"

All dolled-up for Halloween

Two mysterious bandits

Two capes, one lined with pale green cotton, one with silver Dupioni

Two masks, one is fluffy white fake fur, one is shiny black satin

A View from the Sewing Room

The pattern fits very well as it is, however I made two slight adjustments. I wanted the cape to drape with a more ruffled effect so I cut the neck bigger. In the photo you can see the cut out cape on my sewing machine. I made two chalk lines to experiment. Ultimately I chose to cut and sew the biggest neck circle and it came out just the way I wanted. After I sewed the 2 pattern pieces together, I turned it right side out. Then I sewed a channel at the top for quarter inch elastic, and voila! I added black ribbon ties.


  1. Such cute, little Halloween outfits, Meg. Whoever owns them is going to LOVE them.

    1. Featured today, Meg...

  2. I love the white mask best :) Thanks for linking up at Snickerdoodle Sunday!

  3. The idea of mask is really cute. I love it. It really completes the Halloween costume. But how long did it take you make one complete Halloween outfit?


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