Monday, September 16, 2013

American Girl Ballerina

Silver Dancer

It's time to start thinking about dance and gymnastics. I did a bit of shopping today and came home with some awesome fabrics; black stretch velvet, pumpkin orange crushed velvet, glitter midnight blue stretch and more. I'm dreaming about leotards, tutus, gym costumes and warm-up suits. 

Yes, all that great material gets sucked right down into my sewing machines' feed-plate, ha ha. But, I have conquered my fear! I find it does help to chain piece, just keep stitching without too much starting and stopping. Also, I begin about a quarter inch down from the first seam to prevent that slippery stuff from jamming. All it takes is practice.

This morning I purchased Liberty Jane's rash guard and boy shorts set and downloaded it. You can find it here at Pixie Faire I sewed a test run and loved it! Super cute! Will post a pic tomorrow . . .

Happy Sewing, 

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  1. I absolutely agree! It is indeed so cute. I love to have it for my dolls too. But how long did it takes for you to make it?


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