Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Liberty Jane Clothing Gymnastic Outfit

She'll Receive Lots of Compliments at the Gym!

 I love this sylish practice outfit!

Jewell Star Doll Clothes version of Liberty Jane!

Plenty of shine and fits like a glove!

Here is my first gymnastic offering, and I think it's very cute. Made of silver lycra and purple micro-fleece it is just begging me for a matching warm-up suit.

The Liberty Jane pattern was a snap to work with, although I did make one change in the pattern. Here is a tip - I added elastic to the waistband. My test piece made according to the instructions just didn't fit perfectly. The waist seemed a little low on the bum and loose, not too smooth. So I added a quarter inch to the top of the shorts pattern, made a casing for 1/4" elastic and sewed. I got the fit I wanted and now I am a happy camper!

Kit is having a fitting for her next gymnastics outfit. Here she is with her hair messed up on my equally messy sewing table. I don't think I combed my hair either. Her shorts are finished and she is waiting for me to quit fooling around on the internet and do something.

Have a wonderful day!

Meg and Kit 

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